A Parent’s Guide:

Is Your School Teaching Critical Race Theory?

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Teachers are treating children differently because of the color of their skin. Students are being taught that America is a racist nation and that they are guilty of oppression because of their race. Textbooks are being re-written to distort the meaning of America’s founding, and it’s all being done to advance something called Critical Race Theory (“CRT”).

Think that CRT isn’t being taught in your school? Think again.

"We told principals at the beginning of the year to lie to parents and tell them we weren't using CRT in schools,” one school administrator in Indiana wrote. “Yes, we continue to lie."

Racism is wrong, and must continue to fight for equality for every American. But do you know that schools are actually teaching about race and inequality in America?

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Kali Fontanilla’s

Schools across the country are denying that Critical Race Theory is being taught in schools. They’re lying. You don’t have to take it from us. Teachers are speaking up about what is actually being taught in the classroom – and why it’s important for parents to ask questions. Just ask Kali Fontanilla, an English teacher who discovered that anti-American Critical Race Theory curriculum was being pushed on kids in her school. 

“I taught my students that if they worked hard and accepted responsibility for their actions, they would succeed,” Kali says of her five years teaching English as a second language in Salinas, California. “But in the last few years, they were hearing something different in their other classes…that their race was their destiny…that socialism is compassionate, communism isn’t so bad, and capitalism is cruel.”

Kali investigated further and found the curriculum for a mandatory “ethnic studies” class. While she expected an anti-America bent, what she discovered shocked her: 

“I found classroom activities such as a ‘privilege quiz’ where students would compare and contrast their gender, race, class, and sexual orientation with those of their classmates. 

“I found another exercise which involved conducting a mock trial to ‘charge various persons implicated in…genocide against Native Californians,’ in order to ‘create a social justice…counter-narrative.‘ 

“None of this should be surprising because the ‘guiding principle’ of the curriculum was to ‘critique…white supremacy, racism, anti-blackness…patriarchy…capitalism…and other forms of power and oppression.‘” 

“Just about every single lesson had some element of Critical Race Theory in it.” 

Do you know what your children are learning in schools?


What is 
Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory (“CRT”) has descended on our schools, setting children against each other and shaming them on the basis of race. Though some claim the theory is not being taught to children, its philosophy is behind many of the lessons that children are being taught today. 

But what does CRT actually mean? It’s a worldview that says that all the ideas around us in politics, education, entertainment, the workplace, and beyond must be judged in terms of whether minority individuals and issues are given more influence in everyday life. As a result, even George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and the U.S. Constitution itself are subject to being canceled out of American culture—such as being removed from the names of public schools—for failing to live up to the standards set under Critical Race Theory. 

Politicians in Washington D.C., and education leaders are not only actively pushing such ideas in classroom instruction, they are also demanding a return to state-sanctioned racial discrimination in our public schools and institutions under the banners of more agreeable sounding slogans like ‘anti-racism’ and ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion.’ In many cases, they’re now even masking these ideologies in broader, more neutral sounding initiatives such as social emotional learning, culturally relevant pedagogy, and others. You can read more about Critical Race Theory in schools here.


Ask Your School:
How to Get Started & 
Questions to Ask

As parents, there’s only so much we know about what is being taught in schools. And our children don’t necessarily know that what is being taught is wrong or against our values. There’s only so much we can find out from a “meet the teacher night,” by asking our children questions, or seeing what books our kids bring home. Though some schools might even share a broad outline of the subjects being taught in a year, there’s much more to lesson plans that parents don’t see. Here are some questions you can ask your school to find out what is being taught:

  • What are your lesson plans for the year?
  • What books are you teaching this year?
  • What guest speakers are you inviting this year?
  • What assignments are you giving children this year regarding American history, inequality, and race?
  • What books are you teaching regarding American history, inequality, and race?


How parents can take action if their rights are not met

In many cases, teachers and school administrators will be more than willing to respond to parents’ questions and provide information about what’s being taught in the classroom. There are times, though, when schools refuse a parent’s reasonable requests. The good news is, the law protects your right to get answers through the public records request process.
How To Request Public Records


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