Lavigne v. Great Salt Bay Community School


Parents have a fundamental Constitutional right to control and guide their children’s education, upbringing, and healthcare. However, this right can be undermined when government officials withhold important information from parents. Sadly, this is becoming a widespread issue in schools nationwide. 

In the Lavigne v. Great Salt Bay Community School case, the Goldwater Institute is standing up for Amber Lavigne, a Maine mother whose parental rights were violated when her 13-year-old daughter received a chest binder from a public school social worker without her knowledge or consent. 

This blog post will explore the background, unfolding events, Goldwater’s involvement, case details, and the importance of empowering parents to demand transparency in America’s public schools.

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The Backstory

Amber Lavigne, a dedicated mother from Maine, was going about her day like any other when she stumbled upon something that would shake her to the core. In her 13-year-old daughter's room, tucked away and hidden, was a chest binder—a device used to flatten breasts and create a male appearance. The shock and confusion that washed over Amber then were beyond words.

What made matters worse was that she had been completely unaware of this development. The school's social worker had provided her daughter with the chest binder and actively encouraged the girl to keep it a secret from her mother. Can you imagine the betrayal Amber must have felt? As a parent, she had the right to be involved in her child's life and decisions, especially when they were concerned with her daughter's well-being.

But the story doesn't end there. As Amber dug deeper, she uncovered an even more troubling truth. The school officials had been referring to her daughter by a different name and using different pronouns—effectively pushing her into a "social transition" without Amber's knowledge or consent. How could they justify such actions? Did they truly believe they knew better than a mother about her child's upbringing and identity?
Realizing that her parental rights had been grossly violated, Amber knew she had to take action. In her search for support and justice, she turned to the Goldwater Institute—a beacon of hope for those whose constitutional rights have been trampled upon. 

The Goldwater Institute, known for its unwavering defense of individual liberties and constitutional rights, saw the significance of Amber's case and boldly decided to take it up pro bono. With Goldwater’s legal expertise and support, Amber finally had the opportunity to fight back and reclaim her rights as a parent.


The Case

Lavigne v. Great Salt Bay Community School was brought before the United States District Court for the District of Maine. Amber Lavigne, the plaintiff, is challenging the school's decision to conceal the fact that they were using a different name and pronouns for her daughter, as well as their support of the covert provision of a chest binder by the school counselor. 

Amber firmly believes that her parental rights necessitate being informed of any decision made by the school that directly impacts her child's mental health or physical well-being. The school's actions, including the distribution of a chest binder and the undisclosed social transition of her daughter, represent a violation of her constitutionally protected parental rights.

The Goldwater Institute has taken up Amber Lavigne's case, representing her in her fight against the Great Salt Bay Community School. We actively advocate for the defense of parental rights by providing legal assistance. It ensures parents have access to crucial information concerning their children's education and well-being.
Amber Lavigne's lawsuit specifically targets the Great Salt Bay Community School, holding them accountable for concealing vital information from her regarding her daughter's psychological and physical development. The legal action seeks to establish the school's responsibility for infringing upon Amber's constitutionally protected parental rights.

As of the writing of this blog post, Lavigne v. Great Salt Bay Community School remains an ongoing case. The proceedings unfold in the United States District Court for the District of Maine. It's important to closely follow the case's progress and outcome to understand its impact on parental rights and transparency in public schools.


Transparency and Parental Rights in America's Schools

This ongoing case is crucial in the fight for transparency in public schools nationwide. Parents have the right to actively engage in their children's education and well-being, equipped with all the necessary information to make informed choices. The Lavigne case highlights the urgent need to empower parents and demand transparency from educational institutions.

We must recognize the importance of parental rights. The Supreme Court has consistently upheld these rights, emphasizing that parents have the ultimate authority in guiding their children's education and care. Schools cannot disregard this fundamental principle and secretly make decisions, assuming they know what's best. Children are not just subjects of the state but cherished individuals nurtured by their parents' love.

As the Lavigne case progresses through the legal system, we must closely follow its developments and potential impact on parental rights and transparency in public schools. It serves as a stark reminder that defending parental rights is not merely a legal battle; it's a fight for the well-being and future of our children.

Let us stand united with Amber Lavigne and other parents facing similar challenges. By supporting organizations like the Goldwater Institute and advocating for parental rights, we can establish a society that values and respects parents' rights to actively participate in their children's lives. 

Together, we can ensure that public schools in America prioritize transparency, accountability, and the empowerment of parents. After all, the success and well-being of our children depend on it.

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