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Goldwater Institute Challenges Concealed Gender Policies in MA Schools


In a shocking and disheartening turn of events, the Ludlow Public Schools in Massachusetts have sparked outrage by flagrantly disregarding Stephen Foote's and Marissa Silvestri's parental rights. These two concerned parents felt betrayed and utterly astonished when they discovered their middle school concealed crucial information regarding their children's gender identity.

Under the school's policy, students could use different names and pronouns regardless of their biological sex. However, the school intentionally hid this significant aspect of their students' lives from their parents, clearly violating their rights and profoundly impacting Stephen and Marissa.

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In response to this grave injustice, these dedicated parents have taken a stand by seeking legal recourse to regain their rights. Stepping up to support them is the Goldwater Institute, a staunch advocate for personal freedoms and parental rights.

This blog post endeavors to shed light on the troubling facts of this case, delving into the actions of Ludlow Public Schools that shattered trust and encroached upon parental rights. It draws attention to the importance of empowering parents to demand transparency and accountability within the United States public school system.

A Difficult Path for Parents and Children

Realizing the immense significance of this case, the Goldwater Institute’s attorneys stepped up to advocate for the parents’ constitutional rights. Our unwavering belief in the inherent right of parents to shape and guide their children's education, upbringing, and healthcare decisions fueled our commitment to ensuring that these rights were upheld and honored.

In a challenging quest for justice, Stephen Foote and Marissa Silvestri have taken a firm stance against Ludlow Public Schools, fighting for their rights as parents in federal court. This crucial action ensures a thorough examination of the violation they endured and sets the path for a fair resolution.

The heart of the matter lies within Ludlow Public Schools. This school district intentionally kept Stephen and Marissa uninformed about their children's gender identity. By withholding vital information, the school denied these parents the opportunity to make well-informed decisions regarding their children's well-being—a fundamental right every parent deserves.

The Lawsuit Against Ludlow Public Schools

Motivated by their conviction, Stephen and Marissa have filed a lawsuit against Ludlow Public Schools, asserting the violation of their constitutionally protected parental rights. They firmly believe parents play a pivotal role in their children's education, upbringing, and healthcare choices. However, the deliberate concealment of their children's gender identity infringed upon this right and impeded their ability to make informed decisions regarding their children's welfare.

As we speak, the case is ongoing, with legal proceedings in progress. Stephen and Marissa's pursuit of parental rights receive unwavering support from us, which equips them with the necessary resources and legal representation to seek justice and rectify the violation they endured.

Revealing a Troubling Pattern

Distressing experiences of Stephen, Marissa, and others reveal a nationwide trend of undermining parental rights in public schools. Amber Lavigne's case in Maine exemplifies intentional suppression of parental rights, concealing vital information about her daughter's gender identity.

Like the Littlejohns', we champion Amber's cause, advocating for parental rights and highlighting the importance of preserving the sacred bond between parents and children. These cases expose a concerning pattern of schools overstepping parental boundaries and attempting to replace them as primary caregivers and decision-makers. Society's core values are at stake in protecting parental rights.

The Urgent Need for Empowering Parents in American Public Schools

The Ludlow Public Schools concealing pre-teens' gender identity from parents is a clear example of the urgent need to empower parents and demand transparency in American public schools. Stephen Foote and Marissa Silvestri's lawsuit, supported by the Goldwater Institute, champions parental rights and defends the constitutional freedoms that parents should have.

The ongoing legal battle in federal court emphasizes the seriousness of the situation and the need to address the violation of parental rights.

These cases are not isolated incidents but reflect a nationwide disregard for parental rights. The deliberate suppression of parental rights, as seen in Amber Lavigne's case, further highlights the urgency of defending and protecting parents' rights.


Preserving parental rights is crucial for a strong parent-school partnership and a nurturing educational environment where children can thrive. Open communication and transparency between parents and schools are vital for this partnership. We can ensure our children's well-being and educational success by empowering parents, demanding transparency, and safeguarding parental rights.

Let's unite in support of organizations like Goldwater Institute as we tirelessly advocate for parental rights and a system that values the crucial role of parents in their children's lives. Together, we can create a future where parental rights are respected, transparency is upheld, and children flourish in an educational environment that cherishes the partnership between parents and schools.


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